FiiO FA1 review – Kickstarting your audiophile journey

Developing FA7 and FA1 for the first time FiiO used a 3D printing technique that in theory should make them easier to manufacture at a larger scale.

FA1 are not your average earphones because it is using a single balanced armature driver in detriment of a dynamic cellulose driver that takes care of the full frequency response

In the FiiO’s line-up this is the simplest design as it doesn’t have a complicated crossover, multi drivers with difference impedances, nor a dynamic driver that takes care of the bass. There is a big plus-side to this approach and a big downside.

Think of it this way: a single core CPU will struggle with complicated workloads and cannot handle multiple operations per second, a Quad-core CPU will manage its work load in a more organized manner and could do multiple operations per second no problem.

More or less same can be said about single armature IEM designs versus multiple armature designs as in the end a single driver will struggle with crowded music and crazy dynamic swings, more on that later.

Author: Sandu Vitalie; From: Soundnews
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