3000mW output power | Fully balanced THX AAA 788+ amplifier Dual portable/desktop power supply modes | Numerous inputs and outputs High-end XMOS XU316 + ES9038PRO + QCC5124 configuration Self-developed digital control core | Next-gen mech design Color IPS display | Multiple intelligent protection systems


Portable Desktop-Class Amplifier

Note: The product layout is for reference only. All products shall prevail.

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Desktop-grade decoding

Highly sophisticated

For worry-free listening

Open the app

The main control center

With the FiiO Control App*, the adjustable settings are all at your fingertips. Change the Bluetooth format, RGB lights, sound channel balance and more, all in one handy location. *FiiO has always committed to continuous app optimization. App functionality may vary in the official release version.

Desktop DAC and amp: Connect to a computer, with DC power supply and cooling stand, and listen to music with full-sized headphones

Once connected

You're in the concert hall

Bluetooth amp:Connect to phones, tablets, and music players via Bluetooth

Digital decoding amp:Decode digital audio signals from coaxial

Portable DAC and amp:Connect to a phone via short USB cable

In the Q7, the humble knob is full of new tricks. That knob conveniently allows one to quickly and precisely adjust the volume, select the input, and even go through the menu settings. Also quite handy is the ability to adjust the volume with the knob when the screen is off.

Maybe an old knob

But full of new tricks

The THX AAA 788+ amp originally designed for desktop usage is featured in a 4-way truly balanced amplifier circuit. With five levels of mixed gain, the Q7 can effortlessly power all kinds of headphones for a pure listening experience.


THX AAA 788+ amp

Like the M17, the Q7 is a portable amplifier packed with parts designed for desktop amps, making it a true fusion of portable and desktop amps. The Q7 redefines what a portable amp can be and sets a new benchmark not only for FiiO portable products but for all portable audio products.

Combining desktop and portable rigs into one Unlike ever before


power supply


Dual power supply modes

Plentiful continuous energy


The Q7 can be operated in either DC or battery-powered modes. Under the battery-powered mode, the 9200mAh battery is up to the task of letting the Q7 output up to 1500mW of power. Under the DC power supply mode, the battery is bypassed to protect battery life while the custom 24W low-noise power supply effortlessly drives a wide variety of headphones with aplomb.

Precisely-regulated power supply For ultimate stability


The 5-stage audio circuit features 20 LDOs and a 470mF high-capacity ultra-low ESR supercapacitor in order to provide endless reserves of power in order to maintain stable, high-quality audio at all times.

While portable in size, the Q7 features desktop-level amplification with 100% more power under DC power supply in“Enhanced over -ear headphone mode” - up to 3000mW* of power. *Q7 can output up to 1500mW in portable mode, hence the 100% improvement in “Enhanced over-ear headphone mode”


desktop-level power

Full color for a high definition experience

The Q7 features a 1.3-inch full-color display that lets you quickly know information such as audio format and sampling rates with just a simple glance. Let your eyes enjoy a delightful experience on par with that of your ears! 

The Q7 continues FiiO’s modern design language, featuring a bold next-gen mech design complemented by tasteful color lights for a thoroughly technologically modern appearance.

Brand new design

Starting from “7”

The Q7 is equipped to handle any situation - with USB, optical and coaxial inputs; 2 single-ended (6.35mm and 3.5mm) and 2 balanced outputs (4.4mm and 2.5mm); and also LO output too. 

Desktop-level connectivity



01:   ---------------------------------------------- Q7 x1

02:   -----------------------------Leatherette case x1

03:   ---------------------------------Cooling stand x1

04:   ----------------------------USB power cable x1

05:   ------------------------------- Power adapter x1

06:   ------------------------------- AC power cord x1

07:   --------------------------------- USB adapter x1

08:   -----Type-C to Type-C data cable (long) x1

09:   --- Type-C to Type-C data cable (short) x1

10:   ---------- Lightning to Type C OTG cable x1

11:   ----------------------------- Quick start guide x1

12:   -------------------------------- -Warranty card x1

You name it! You got it!

True to FiiO’s heritage, the Q7 comes with many accessories including: low-noise power adapter, cooling stand, pre-applied tempered film, leatherette case, dust plugs, and 4 different cables*. You’ll be set up in no time with the Q7.

You name it! You got it!

True to FiiO’s heritage, the Q7 comes with many accessories including: low-noise power adapter, cooling stand, pre-applied tempered film, leatherette case, dust plugs, and 4 different cables*. You’ll be set up in no time with the Q7.

Again upgraded in the Q7 is FiiO’s self-developed digital control core center. This control chip powered by an ARM Cortex M4 processor efficiently handles tasks such as clock management, USB decoding, and optical decoding to optimize sound quality. To further enhance sound quality, the digital and analog sections are physically separated on different boards with shield covers to achieve an extremely pure sound for a superb listening experience.

FiiO digital control core

Upgraded again!