A letter to FiiO fans

Dear FiiO fans and potential FiiO customers,

Recently, we have received complaints from some consumers, saying that the sellers did not provide good after-sales service. After checking, we found that the sellers were not our official authorized sellers. We recommend that consumers purchase FiiO products from local agents. The following are our authorized purchase channels:

1. Local sales agents: At present, FiiO has local distributors and sales agents in more than 60 countries around the world. If you are interested in FiiO products, it is recommended to make a purchase from the local distributors or sales agents. You can get the local distributor information from our website: Worldwide Sales Agents.

2. In the US, we have opened an official Amazon store other than local distributors or sales agents.

3. FiiO Official AliExpress Store: If there is no FiiO distributor in your country, you can buy FiiO products from our official AliExpress store.

(By the way, if you know an appropriate candidate for selling our products as a local distributor, you can make a recommendation to us. We would really appreciate it. We prefer local sales agents for the reason that they are able to provide faster and more convenient product service and after-sales service for our customers.)

Here are the links of our AliExpress stores.

FiiO Official Store: https://www.aliexpress.com/store/910953046


The above are the official and main channels for purchasing FiiO products. Surely, we understand that early adopters do not want to miss any chance for new products, part of whom will consider buying new products from other channels, including:

1. The products are bought from e-commerce platforms in China, such as Tmall and JD.com.

2. Buying FiiO products from third-party platforms or non-FiiO official AliExpress stores, most of which are resold from Chinese retailers. Once the products need any after-sales help, it would be relatively hard.


For any genuine FiiO products purchased from unauthorized third parties, we will still provide after-sales service (you need to send an email to support@fiio.com) to ensure the interests of consumers. But if the product needs to be sent back to China, you need to pay the freight and customs duties. From the time you send it out to the time we send it back to you after repair, the entire repair cycle may take two months.


As a brand manufacturer, we will be very happy no matter where you buy our products, and we have confidence in the quality of our products. However, from the point of view of after-sales convenience, it is recommended to buy our products from our local distributors or sales agents who can provide faster and more considerate service for you.


The following are some unauthorized third-party sellers for your reference.

1. HiFiGo
2. https://www.linsoul.com/
3. https://www.mh-friends.com/
4. https://www.audioone.jp/
5. https://shopee.sg/lvgeazla.sg
6. https://www.lazada.sg/shop/great-wall-digital/
7. Aliexpress Store:
1) first fashion store;
2) haoda store;
3) Takstar LTD;
4) shenzhen amy store

Best regards,

Guangzhou FiiO Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.