Fully differential true 24Bit R2R DAC Resistor Arrays | NOS/OS dual modes High quality electronic volume control NJW1195A 1300mW+1300mW high output power | 3 gain levels, 3 volume curves Specially-designed audio circuit | Specially-designed power supply High-quality Beryl solid capacitors | Custom LCD screen | RGB logo lighting

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Desktop DAC and Headphone Amplifier

Fully differential True 24bit R2R DAC Resistor Arrays

FIIO' s newly self-developed four-channel fully differential 24bit R2R DAC consists of 2x 48 precision thin-film resistor arrays per channel, totaling 192 resistors with 0.1% tolerance and low temperature drift (30ppm). This configuration delivers a unique and charming sound.

The K11 R2R employs a fully differential architecture, resulting in lower noise, with less FFT harmonics and a darker music background compared to typical ones.

Comparison between fully differential and typical architectures

Double the fun Dual NOS/OS modes

NOS (Non-Oversampling) Mode: Maintains the original sampling rate for decoding, preserving authentic sound and allowing you to enjoy an organic and captivating musical experience. OS (Oversampling) Mode: Upsamples globally to a high sampling rate of 384kHz, for superior audio performance and even more refined, clear sound.

True · 24bit decoding

Excellent capabilities,

outstanding sound quality

Support for PCM 384kHz/24bit and DSD256 decoding, means the K11 R2R can easily handle high-precision audio signals and fully exhibit the details within, providing you with an excellent audio experience. * DSD256 requires setting the DSD output mode to Native on the source device, internally converting to PCM before being decoded by the R2R resistor arrays.

NJW1195A High quality electronic volume control 

The NJW1195A is a 4-channel electronic volume controller. This resistor ladder electronic potentiometer is low distortion and low noise, allowing precise volume adjustment.

3 gain levels+ 3 independent volume curves

The 3 independent gain levels and volume curves allow the K11 R2R to give you a better listening experience with various types of headphones, whether you are using sensitive earphones or harder to drive over-ear headphones.

Specially-designed audio circuit

The audio signal is transmitted via a USB interface processor to a digital audio bridge. After being processed by an FPGA, it is sent to the R2R DAC for 4-channel output after decoding. Then, it passes through two Ti OPA1642 op-amps for low-pass filtering and single-ended analog signal converting, and transmits to the NJW1195A electronic volume control chip for precise volume adjustment. The output stage uses two SGM8262 op-amps for 4-way phase inversion and amplification, resulting in outputs of singed-ended and balanced analog signals.


The audio circuit features gain controls. It is complemented by a specially-designed headphone protection circuit and a pop noise elimination system, ensuring the audio circuit is both high quality in sound produced and reliable.

Specially-designed  power supply

The K11 R2R uses up to 17 low-noise LDO precision regulator IC and 2 DC-DC converters, providing multi-channel specialized power supply of -9V, 8V, ±7.5V, ±6V, 5.4V, 3.3V, 1.8V, and 1.2V. These are combined with an external custom 12V switching power supply to ensure the purity of the power supplied and provide a solid foundation for stronger power output.


Beryl solid capacitors

The capacitors’ ultra-low ESR, combined with excellent anti-interference capabilities, allow them to provide a stable and clean power supply and thus achieve high-quality sound.

Powerful output Hear every last detail

Under a 32Ω load, the K11 R2R is capable of pushing 1300mW+1300mW under balanced modes. This allows it to easily drive many HiFi earphones and headphones to fully unlock their potential.

short press to adjust the volume, long press to switch tracks

Full of clarity

A beautiful screen

A custom, high-contrast and durable LCD screen* allows you to easily see the sampling rate, volume, gain, or output mode with just a glance.


*Durable LCD screen, always on with no burn-in

One knob

One source of total control

The K11 R2R’s multi-function volume knob is used to power the device on and off, for menu operation, for volume adjustment, and for other functions. The knob is designed so that you can quickly execute various complex actions by simply pressing and turning the knob. You can also quickly switch between PO/PRE (LO SE)/LO* modes by double-pressing the knob, making it easier for you to appropriately connect to different audio setups.


* PO/PRE/LO modes remember the last volume set in each mode independently, no need to readjust volume when switching between modes

Adjustable RGB logo lighting

The FIIO logo is illuminated with RGB lighting, giving you a quick way to identify the sampling rate of the current audio being played back. Six LED strips work in conjunction with carefully placed reflective film and parts of the body designed to reflect light to make the light show uniform and elegant.


* Brightness, color, and light patterns all adjustable using the knob

Safe and reliable Comprehensive safety systems

RCA metal pressing

Enhanced stability, reliable connection, and durability

Headphone amplifier heat dissipation upgrade

A stable combination of thermal silicone gel and aluminum alloy ensures fast heat dissipation

Exclusive phosphor copper metal shielding

The shielding cover undergoes a passivation process, providing corrosion resistance and anti-oxidation capabilities. It effectively resists external interference, ensuring signals processed are accurate.

DC protection

Prevents headphone damage from abnormal direct current output, providing peace of mind

Smart power saving

Automatically enters a low-power mode when no audio input is detected after a long time. While saving power consumption, it also prevents the machine from overheating. When the audio signal resumes, the system will automatically return to its normal working state.

Parts list

① K11 R2R*1

② Power adapter*1

③ Power cable*1

④ USB data cable*1

⑤ Headphone adapter*1

⑥ Quick start guide*1

⑦ Warranty card*1