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60mm large dynamic driver | Beryllium-plated gasket + DLC diaphragm

350Ω high impedance | Asymmetric internal and external magnetic circuit system

Open-back design | Furukawa monocrystalline copper cable

Aluminum alloy construction | Lightweight hollow design

4 different audio plugs included

Large Dynamic High-Res Over-Ear Headphones

Art of harnessing energy for great sound 60mm large dynamic driver

The FT3’s large dynamic driver also has other benefits. For example, due to its large size, the diaphragm is capable of bearing higher output power, leading to less distortion under large dynamic signals. Also, the larger driver is more easily able to produce lower frequencies for deeper reaching bass.

Selling points

Rich sounds

2 sets of distinct- sounding earpads

The FT3 comes with 2 sets of earpads, each with their own sound

Suede earpads: Balanced sound, enhanced ambience, majestic experience

Protein leather earpads: Clear sound, large soundstage, highly detailed

Thoughtfully designed

Beryllium-plated gasket + DLC diaphragm

The diaphragm is one of the most important parts of a dynamic driver. And not just any diaphragm material can meet the demands of the FT3 due to the large driver size. After countless testing at FiiO, a beryllium-plated gasket + DLC diaphragm was chosen.

The FT3 driver gasket is plated with beryllium. This not only results in a lighter gasket (and thus a lighter driver), but also a more rigid gasket better able to handle the movement of the large dynamic driver for less distortion.

The diaphragm of the FT3 is made of DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon),  – which is both highly sturdy and lightweight compared to other diaphragm materials. This means that the FT3 driver is less prone to breakup and thus nonlinear distortion, while also having an extremely extended frequency response and improved soundstage. 

two DAC chips ES9068AS process the left and right channels respectively, and refine the "core" polishing quality and sound quality. Listen to your favorite playlist and revel in the beautiful singing in an instant.

high-performance dual-core, sound into your heart

Pure sound 350Ω high impedance

The FT3 was designed with great sound as the primary goal, and features 350Ω impedance to achieve that. Compared to lower impedance headphones, higher impedance headphones more effectively filter out noise to the listener resulting in a purer sound with higher signal-to-noise ratio performance

The voice coil is made of ultra-fine Japanese copper-clad aluminum only 0.035mm thick in diameter. This finer voice coil allows the driver to better and more quickly follow signals, has anti-interference capabilities, and allows for thunderous dynamics across a wide frequency response range.

The FT3 utilizes powerful N52 neodymium magnets to maximize sound quality under its 350Ω impedance design. These magnets have been arranged in an optimized asymmetrical internal and external magnetic circuit system. When the voice coil starts to move during the reproduction of sound, the optimized magnetic circuit balances this movement of the voice coil and diaphragm, especially during large dynamic changes - which allows more effective use of magnetic energy and better control over the voice coil. 

Hear the artist’s intent

Asymmetrical internal and external magnetic circuit system

Standard with the FT3 is a 3m, 23AWG diameter cable consisting of high-purity Furukawa monocrystalline copper wire.


*The cable model is HPC-23T, which is OYAIDE’s original cable manufactured by Furukawa. In 2013 when it was announced to be discontinued, we placed a large order and stored them properly. Until now, a number of them were used as our headphone cables, so the stock is limited, and there are only 5000 pieces left for the FT3. After it is out of stock, the FT3 will be featured with other monocrystalline copper cables from other manufacturers. To avoid unnecessary misunderstandings when changing the cable in the future, hereby, we would like to make an announcement.

Quality cable

Furukawa monocrystalline copper wire

Outer shell material: Flame-retardant shockproof nylon braided strap

Wire cover material: TPE

Shielding layer: PCOCC-A (26/0.12X2)

Insulating layer: PFA Conductor: PCOCC-A (3/20/0.08X2AWG23)

Cable outermost diameter: Main cable 6.5mm, branch cable of each side 3.5mm

Lighter and stronger Aluminum alloy construction

The exterior of the FT3 is made entirely of aluminum alloy that not only feels luxurious to the touch, but is also highly rigid yet lightweight. This gives the FT3 the perfect combination of being comfortable to listen to and being durable enough to withstand life’s challenges.

The FT3’s design begins with hexagonal elements as its base, and when combined with how open-backed headphones usually look, gives off a bold sci-fi appearance. The open-back design features a hollowed-out mesh to not only further reduce the weight for greater listening comfort, but also to fully unleash the capabilities of its driver in a more open environment.

Full of comfort

With a lightweight hollow mesh design

The FT3 features an open-backed design that reduces unwanted vibrations and resonances and results in a larger soundstage, since when the driver is pushing air in the housing the open-back means that air encounters. The result is that details in the music come through more clearly and naturally in a wide open soundstage, just as if you were listening to a live performance.

Removing a layer of veil from your music

Open-backed design

Free to rotate

3-axis swiveling design

The FT3 has undergone much fit testing in FiiO Labs, and the 3-axis swiveling design is one result of that testing. The 3-axis swiveling design was specifically made so that the FT3 could better fit a wide variety of head and face shapes for improved comfort and better seal to maximize sound quality.

Innovative touches

Angled drivers parallel to the ear

The FT3’s driver is placed at an angle to be parallel to the ear when worn, which helps to reduce high-frequency response caused by the waves hitting the contour of the ear and not entering it. Angled drivers can also minimize unwanted reflections caused by the shell of the headphone that would cause standing waves and also reduce frequency response distortion. Additionally, towards the rear of the FT3’s shell is a reflective tip that is specifically designed to direct soundwaves produced by the driver to prevent unwanted reflections from interfering with each other, to both further minimize sound flaws and reduce unwanted frequency response artifacts.

Widely compatible

4 swappable audio plugs come standard

The FT3 cable features swappable plugs of the following 4 kinds:

3.5mm/4.4mm swappable plugs

3.5mm to 6.35mm adapter

4.4mm to XLR-4 balanced adapter

* The patent for replaceable audio plug is authorized by the FABRILOUS.

Thorough protection

Leather storage bag included

The FT3 comes with a leather storage bag, which comprehensively protects your headphones in a light yet luxurious feeling package.

Abundant accessories

FT3 Basic specifications



Headphone type: Dynamic driver headphones

Frequency response: 7Hz-40kHz

Driver type: 60mm dynamic driver

Diaphragm material: Beryllium-plated gasket + DLC diaphragm

Impedance: 350Ω Sensitivity: 105dB (1Vrms)@1kHz

Weight: About 391g (excluding cable)

Earpad pressure: 4.0N±0.3N

Cable length: About 3m

Cable material: Furukawa monocrystalline copper wire

Headphone connector: Dual 3.5mm

details innovative parallel ear canal design