11.What's the meaning of the different colors of the Q5's indicator?

Indicator lights on the front of the fuselage under different input states of Q5s:
1.USB DAC: sampling rate ≤48KHz, sampling rate of bright blue light > 48KHz, DSD track of bright yellow light: green light
2. Bright blue light on the front when the line is input (it only indicates that it is on, and does not indicate any sampling rate, because the sampling rate of the input device cannot be obtained when the line is input Q5s)
3. Optical fiber/coaxial input: sampling rate ≤48KHz, bright blue light sampling rate > 48KHz, bright yellow light
4. Indicator light under bluetooth status: different colors indicate bluetooth status and bluetooth format

In addition, when charging the Q5s, the four lights on the side of the fuselage will flicker successively in the form of horse lights, and the side lights will no longer indicate the current input state
If the user needs to check the current input state, he/she can press the function selection button for a long time, and the side indicator will indicate the current input state for 3 seconds, and then return to the charging state after 3 seconds
4 side lights are always on when fully charged