FiiO FA1 Knowles In-Ear Monitor REVIEW Born for Music

The FiiO earbuds arrived in a 5 inches wide by 7 inches tall by 2 inches thick retail box.  Similar to an Apple device, the company chose to use a clean and sterile white background for their product.  Resembling a book, the top, fore edge and bottom panels were unadorned.  The spine could have been well adorned but alas there was only a small “Scratch Query” sticker.  The pristine surface of the back panel was only interrupted along the bottom two inches by “FA1 Full Frequency Single Balanced Armature Driver Earphones with Detachable Cables,” a Note: “The product will probably be upgraded; pictures are for your reference only,” a QR code linking to, an SKU panel and several manufacturing labels.  The nondescript cover provided the FiiO name across my top left, FA1 along my bottom left, “knowles” along my bottom right and a 2 1/2 inches wide by 2 1/4 inches tall black ink outline of an earbud.  I was a little disappointed with the cover and with the overall feel of the bland packaging/imagery; I would have preferred a photographic quality image or a magnetic flap with access to an inner window to add detail to the packaging.  In its current state, only the small sentence elbow “FA1” on the back cover provided much useful information.  Otherwise, it may appear equally likely that you had purchased a hearing aid.



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