11.The BTR3K can connect to two devices at the same time.

The BTR3K can simultaneously connect to two mobile phones. Note that it can only output signals for one device at a time.

【How to use this function】
1. When the BTR3K is connected to Device1, long press the play button to enter pairing mode again. Search for BTR3K in Device2 and then make the connection.
2. Go to the Bluetooth settings in Device 1, clicking the BTR3K for reconnection. Or turn off the BTR3K and turn it on again. At this time it can reconnect to two devices at the same time.

【When connecting to two devices and playing music at the same time, there would be sound collapse?】
Please avoid playing in both devices at the same time. If the two devices are playing music at the same time, the space and resources on the BTR3K would be occupied, because at this time the BTR3K is receiving two signals simutaneously but with the priority to the current playing device. Therefore it would cause the problem of sound cutting.
Additionally, it is normal that the music having the collapse issue when switching the playback in the two devices.