16.EQ is invalid under BTR3K's LDAC. Is it a hardware defect or a software problem?


There are preset EQ of pop, blues, classic, jazz, rock, dance, metal and vocal within. It also supports to adjust the EQ by users themselves though ten frequency bands from 20Hz to 20kHz independently from -12 to +12 dB for users' preference.

①Third-party music apps could also use the EQ adjustment if it is the function of BTR3K.
②If it indicates that the EQ is invalid, you can turn on the EQ switch and reboot the BTR3K to activate the EQ function.

【EQ invalid in LDAC codec】
It is not a hardware defect. Since the audio processing of LDAC is more special than other Bluetooth formats, we are still doing related debugging, and striving to achieve the same effect as other Bluetooth formats, but it will take a certain amount of time.