19. How to tell the current volume of the M15?


The M15 has adopted an analog volume knob to adjust the volume, and the volume level is set to the minimum by default. After plugging in the headphones, it is suggested to slowly turn the knob to adjust the volume to an appropriate level.

After volume adjustment, you can tell the volume level directly by looking at the scale mark on the volume knob.

Or you can set the pulsing light to indicate the volume level with its brightness (go to Settings -> Display -> Indicator light control -> Brightness level and check the 'Follow the volume' option), so you can roughly tell the volume level by observing the indicator brightness.

Meanwhile, you can look at the volume icon on the screen status bar, which will change according to the volume level (there're four levels of indication: level 1 stands for 1% - 25%, level 2 stands for 26%~50%, level 3 stands for 51%~75%, level 4 stands for 76%~100%, and the 'x' mark stands for mute).

You can turn on the volume display in Settings -> Display ->Volume display.Then view the volume in the top left corner of the status bar.