FiiO FH3 Hi-Res Triple Driver In Ear Monitors Review

Due to several issues lately i wasn't able to use the FH3 for more than 11 days (with my usual SQ/HQ FLAC collection which includes pop, rock, heavy metal and even instrumental tracks) but these were more than enough for me to understand what target group FiiO is aiming for now. First of all, there are some similarities with the recently reviewed FD1 and more specifically when it comes to bass levels. Now the FH3 may deliver slightly richer/deeper bass levels than the FD1 but even these may not be quite sufficient enough for people who like listening to bass-rich tracks. Again, however the lack of high bass levels allows the FH3 to deliver balance across the spectrum with accurate and crisp highs and mids. Soundstage is also very good (and just a step above what the FD1 produced), yes it may not compete with that of the FA9 (some detail is lost) or the FH7 but we're talking about entirely different class of IEMs so that's to be expected. On the other hand, enclosure quality is pretty much excellent (as is the quality of the monocrystalline silver plated copper cable) and as for comfort well the FH3 even rival the FA9 in that regard.

   Currently retailing for USD129.99 inside the USA ( and for 135Euros inside the EU ( the FH3 Hi-Res Triple Driver IEMs by FiiO are right where I’d place them in terms of cost. So, are these the IEMs to get? Well it depends on the whether or not you’d like to have a balanced model that doesn’t really emphasize one specific frequency or one made for at least one specific music genre. Personally, I do like the way the FH3 sound, yes, I’d gladly accept just a tad more bass but it’s obvious that FiiO wanted these to be somewhat neutral. The end result however is very good and certainly deserves the Golden Award.



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