3.Instructions for BTA30 ports and buttons labeled: Power on/off, enter pairing state, clear pairing.

【Buttons and Ports】
As shown in the picture:

【Power on/off, Play/Pause】
--Power on: Short press Button A after connecting to a USB.
--Power off: When the device is on, press Button A for about 2s until Light B&C goes out.
--Play/Pause: Under RX/TX mode, short press Button D.

【How to enter pairing state and clear pairing?】

--Enter pairing state: Keep the device on and switch it to RX/TX mode, hold the PAIR button for about 3s.

--Clear the pairing: Keep the device on (not in pairing state) and switch it to RX/TX mode, hold the POWER+PAIR button simultaneously for about 5s.
Note: If the Bluetooth connection fails, please try to clear the pairing records of both the BTA30 and the Bluetooth receiving device and then reconnect them.