The FiiO FD5 from a design, aesthetic, build, and operational perspective is, indeed, a flagship product. It also provides a wealth of accessories that few flagships have, to date, matched. And then, of course, there are the novelties—the ability to switch out both terminations and sound tubes, which provide further proof of its status—flagship.

As you will note, only other flagships were tested against the FD5, as its similarly-priced kin could not, in the majority of cases, compete. And finally, there are all the various accoutrement that come with the $299 FiiO’s FD5 Flagship, that represent great value and a true gift for the customer.

If you’re looking for a flagship IEM but don’t have the money traditionally associated with owning one, then your journey may well end with the FiiO FD5. And one listen, after it is properly burned in, will find you with an IEM of tremendous value and impressive, musical talent. We very highly recommend the FiiO FD5!

Pros: Cost. Performance. Build quality. Musicality, Bass response. Treble extension.

Cons: ?



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