FiiO FD5 Flagship Dynamic In-Ear Monitors (IEM) Review

One of the other great features of IEMs is their ability to block outside noises. As my family can confirm with great annoyance, the FD5 IEMs do a great job of isolating the listener. Even with their semi-open design, they would work well in a noisy setting.

As I said, I like to try new things. The FiiO FD5 IEMs were my first experience with a flagship IEM design. They most definitely altered my expectations for what an IEM could do. No matter which music source I used, I found them to be well-balanced and musically engaging. The FD5 IEMs are a tremendous value with their quality build and excellent sonics. Once my brain adjusted to their new sonic paradigm, I enjoyed using them tremendously. See, it is worth it to try new things!



Author: Paul Schumann; From:

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