5. Can the BTR5 2021 work as a DAC for the computer, and how?

Yes, the BTR5 2021 can be used as a USB DAC for computers. It has built in an excellent independent XMOS XUF208 USB DAC chip, which can support up to 384K/DSD256 sampling rate. When the BTR5 2021 is turned on and connected to the computer via a USB cable, it will automatically enter the USB DAC mode, and THE corresponding sampling rate will be displayed on the BTR5 2021.

1. Windows supports USB Audio 2.0 mode: When first connecting, please go to our website to download the USB DAC driver, and install it as the instruction to enable the USB DAC function.
Download link: http://fiio-file.fiio.net/FiiO_USB_DAC_Driver-V4.47.0.zip
2. The following instruction takes Windows 7 as an example to introduce how to install the USB DAC driver (v4.47.0) on the computer, and use the BTR5 2021 to play songs: https://forum.fiio.com/note/showNoteContent.do?id=202106181129330797039&tid=17

1. MacBook runs driver-free. Just directly choose the BTR5 2021 as the output device.
2. It is recommended to set the system output volume on the computer to the max level and then adjust the volume via the volume button of the BTR5 2021.
3. How to use the FiiO device as a USB DAC on a MAC: https://forum.fiio.com/note/showNoteContent.do?id=202105191616354037331

1. After connecting the BTR5 2021 to the computer, please install the driver first according to the instruction on our official website.                   
2. Bluetooth output first on the BTR5 2021 is chosen: if the BTR5 2021 is connected to a device through Bluetooth and is playing music, it will be prior to output Bluetooth signal. So, when the BTR5 2021 is working as a USB DAC, please disconnect the Bluetooth.
3. The BTR5 2021 will also display the sampling rate when it is charging, because the USB DAC device is recognized by 5V power. But it will not affect normal use. (Currently, errors may also occur to IC recognition, so we chose the simple 5V recognition).