18. Why does the BTR5 2021 not come with 4.4 balanced output?

In fact, half a year ago, we had already placed an order of the 9218 chip ready for the next year. However, in the middle of the process, the chip manufacturer suddenly told us that they would no longer produce the 9218, so we were forced to choose the 9219. Frankly speaking, we had no plans to update the BTR5. But since the old BTR5 was out of stock, we must make the new version as soon as possible in order to meet the market needs. Even if we only changed the DAC, it took several months. The new BTR5 is not equipped with a 4.4 balanced port because of its limited size. If it is forced to be added, the structure and PCB will have to be changed. That would take much more time instead of months.