23. Does the BTR5 2021 support LHDC/HWA?

No. Ever since the HWA was launched, its sound quality has been recognized by many users in China. The FiiO BTR3, as the earliest product on the market that perfectly supports HWA, was very popular. However, it has encountered some problems that we could not solve temporarily. For example:
1. HWA, as the latest technology, has more poor connection reliability than LDAC and aptX.
2. There were few devices that support HWA, especially consumers in foreign countries. Most of them have no idea about the HWA.
3. The internal ROM capacity of the CSR8675 is limited, especially after an upgrade to Bluetooth 5.0. The BLE function (App control) will take up more space. While coupled with the HWA algorithm, it will have more limited ROM capacity, and will restrict us to make improvements and expansion for the product functions. This is the main reason.
4. As the owner of HWA, Huawei also stated that HWA will face a large upgrade, and the upgraded HWA will no longer be compatible with the previous version. So Huawei themselves also canceled HWA support on their latest system.