15. How to use the coaxial function of M17?

M17 coaxial port supports output and input of coaxial signals.

Coaxial input: Coaxial decoding mode, M17 is used as a coaxial decoder.

1. Switch the SPDIF work mode of M17 to SPDIF IN mode from Settings-Audio or go to the drop-down or Settings menu of the M17, and choose the working mode as SPDIF RX mode.

2. Use coaxial cable to connect M17 and coaxial output device;

3. Connect the headphone to the M17 to use it.

Coaxial output: this function will not use M17's DAC chip for decoding, but output to the coaxial decoder for decoding.

1. Switch the SPDIF work mode of M17 to SPDIF OUT mode from Settings-Audio;

2. Use a coaxial cable with one side connected to M17 and the other side to a coaxial decoder;

3. When you use the FiiO Music APP, DSD OUT should give priority to DoP. If the coaxial decoder doesn't support it, please select D2P mode.