improved again! The K5 Pro ESS version of desktop decoding earpiece is now available for sale.

Since Feiao launched the desktop decoding earpiece K5 Pro, entry-level HIFI users have a more convenient and cost-effective choice in device decoding! It is not only a good assistant to the "external sound card" of the desktop HIFI, but also lowers the threshold for listening to Hifi's big ears.

this extremely vital product, with the shortage of chips also ushered in a revision. From December 16, K5 Pro ESS will be sold completely! The main difference between K5 Pro ESS and K5 pro is that,DAC chip uses the flagship model ES9038Q2M in ESS portable applications,performance is better, the distortion is reduced by 50%, the LO crosstalk attenuation is increased by more than 6dB, the separation degree is better, the dynamic range is increased by 3dB, and the audio details are richer.

performance, K5 Pro ESS version performs better when connecting with various devices.supports coaxial/optical fiber/RCA line input, 6.35mm/RCA line output, up to 768k sampling rate, DSD512 hard equipped with high, medium and low gain selector switches, which further expands the adaptation range of the earphone and takes into account the delicate and dynamic listening requirements.

performance is officially priced at 1199 yuan and will officially meet you from 10 o'clock on December 16!

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