To be honest, there are few DAC/Headphone Amp combinations under $200 that I would consider using on a daily basis, but the FiiO K5 Pro ESS Desktop DAC/Headphone Amplifier is one that makes you think, “Why should I spend more?” It is powerful enough to run most headphones, quiet enough for IEMs, and musical enough to make a cheap pair of headphones palatable, and a good pair of headphones extremely enjoyable. I’m not saying that you can’t get better than the K5 Pro ESS, I’m just saying that it is good enough that you won’t miss a higher-end piece. It is an excellent choice if you are on a limited budget, allowing you to divert most of your funds to your headphone choice which in the long run will make a much larger impact on your overall sound.

As expected the K5 Pro ESS worked especially well with the FiiO FH9 IEMs and surprisingly worked equally well with FiiO’s entry-level offerings. Definitely a keeper.



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