1. How many drivers does the FH7S have? What is the included cable?

[Driver configuration]]
The FH7S channels the essence of the FH9 to tailor-make for a 4 BA 1 dynamic driver design. For the bass, it features a 2nd-gen 13.6mm DLC diaphragm dynamic bass driver fully capable of extending to the lowest frequencies with ample punch. For the mids, it is handled by DFK driver customized by FiiO and Knowles, for exquisite vocals. For the treble, it is provided by SWFK-31736 BA, with an airy and highly resolving sound.
[Included cable]]
The FH7S comes standard with cable consisting of 8 strands of 19 wires each - for a total of 152 wires of silver-plated monocrystalline copper all individually isolated from each other. The Litz braiding of the wires means that the larger surface area leads to less resistance in the wires by minimizing the skin effect and proximity effect - leading to improved signal transmission efficiency and better resolution. Compared to the FH7, the FH7S is upgraded with twist-lock swappable audio plugs that include both 3.5/4.4mm plug.