23. What are the main differences between M11S and M11?


1. Compared to the M11, the M11S also has 2.5/3.5/4.4mm headphone outputs, but the 4.4mm output can be used as a line-out output.

2. Under a 32 ohm load, its balanced power output goes to 670mW, 120mW higher than that of the M11.

3. Thanks to the excellent performance and rigorous analog circuit design, its noise floor under single-ended output has been lessened by 60% to merely 1.8uV compared to that of the M11, resulting in more black background and purer audio.

4. Other than support for Bluetooth transmission and reception for SBC, AAC, LDAC, aptX and aptX HD codecs, Bluetooth transmission adds support for the LHDC codec, which is first supported for music players in the FiiO family and even the whole industry.

5. The M11S features Android 10 while M11 uses Android 7.

6. The SOC for M11S is ES9038Q2M while M11S uses Samsung 7872. So now Apple Music app is supported in M11S.