14. What's the main difference between K7 and K5Pro?

  1. 1. The K7 follows the convenient interaction in the K9 series. Press the button to switch input signals, switch gain level by the 2-level switch to take good care of headphones with different impedance and sensitivity; switch outputs between DAC, PRE and HP outputs by the 3-level switch. Besides, the K7 supports 4.4 balanced output.
  1. 2. In terms of headphone amplifier, the K7 uses dual THX AAA 788+ amps which has the best overall performance in the current market. It can produce an undistorted 560mW under a 300Ω load (THD+N<1%), and an undistorted 2000mW under a 32Ω load (THD+N<1%).
  1. 3. The K7 first uses RGB indicator lights that are capable of displaying single colors as well as mixed colors, with a unique light flow effect during power-on/off or input switching. Dazzling and vivid light effects give your desk some much needed spice.