22. Why will there be latency when adjusting volume through the volume knob?

It seems that the volume is controlled through the volume knob. But in fact, when adjusting the volume, the internal MCU will detect the rotation of the knob. Therefore, it will go through a process: rotate the knob-> MCU detection and anti-shaking processing-> conversion into a value-> send volume adjustment instructions to the electronic volume chip-> change the sound.

This process runs very fast, but we need to ensure stability at any rotation angle, and we need to add anti-shaking and error correction measures. If the rotation is too fast, it will cause multiple judgments, which is to prevent abnormal volume changes that damage hearing.

In addition, the 8-bit single-chip microcomputer used in the K7 may not be as fast as the K9 Pro in real-time processing, such as when detecting the change of the input signal, whether the output is overloaded, and the position of the potentiometer. Therefore, it is normal that the volume adjustment is not as smooth as the K9 Pro.