2. What to do when FW5 can't be turned on and the indicator doesn't light up?

For first use, insure the sticker on the touch spot has been removed, and clean if there is dirty on the touch spot.

For non-first use, Under normal conditions, when there occurs the situation that the lights don't turn on or the device can't boots up, please follow the below steps:

Confirm that the charging box and the headset have sufficient power. After opening the battery box and starting the headset, the indicator light will be on. If not, charge in time.

If the headsets are charged properly in the charging box, the indicator lights will be turn on. If the lights don't turn on, it may be that the battery of the headset itself is out of power. If the battery doesn't work, usually it needs to be repaired, or it is possibly because the charging contact is poor. Under this situation, you need to use an alcohol sponge to remove the dirt from the contacts.

During daily use, it is also necessary to use a clean soft cloth to clean the earphone contacts.

Long press and hold the power button to check whether you can hear the start-up sound.If any of the above ways doesn't work, and the FW5 can't be detected by your mobile phone, Please contact our customer service on FIIO official Wechat account for further details.