9. What are the differences and improvements between FW5 and FW1?

The DAC is upgraded to independent high-performance DAC chip AK4332, making FW5 the first TWS earbuds using AK4332 on the market. With built-in ear amplifier function and nearly 40% higher output power compared to the previous generation. Lower noise floor, higher signal-to-noise ratio and higher output power.

FW5 supports for Bluetooth 5.2 and advanced aptX adaptive technology. The aptX adaptive not only brings higher transmission efficiency, but also a better signal-to-noise ratio and distortion performance for a high-quality, lossless sound experience at your fingertips.

Bluetooth chip is upgraded to QCC5141

Support for TWS Mirroring mode. Unlike TWS+, TWS Mirroring has no further special requirements for the system platform. Without any manipulation, the earbuds can be quickly switched among multiple usage scenarios, and any phone can enjoy a lower latency and more reliable connection.