FiiO K7

In the end

The release of the K7 marks the return of FiiO back to their roots where everything has started.
The AKM DAC chips, in my opinion, better suit the FiiO house sound and the K7 is the living proof of it.
A bullseye for the company, the K7 is one of the most competitively priced DAC/amps in the market right now and it combines a very musical sound signature with great technicalities, great versatility and excellent power delivery.
FiiO is also preparing a Bluetooth version with a minor price increase.
I am pretty sure that the K7 is going to surpass the K5 PRO in sales and become the most successful and best selling product of FiiO ever.
My only wish now, is that they are back to the drawing board already designing the successor to the K9 PRO with AKM DAC chips.




Author: ICHOS

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