FiiO M15S DAP Review – The S comes from Speed

"My Conclusion

I won’t hide around the bush; I was an M15 fan, using it for so many years now. At one point in time, I had two units, one used for my travels and short walks and another one used as a bedside rig. I always thought that the original M15 struck a nice balance between being technical and musical sounding, although everybody knew that it was leading toward warmth and naturalness. FiiO tested grounds with a few linear sounding DAPs, FiiO M17 taking the lead as the most technical and clean sounding unit…but I was still longing for simple things, for fun times. I wanted to smile, I longed for goosebumps and I’m glad that FiiO responded to my prayers."


By:Sandu Vitalie  From: Soundnews

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