Up to 50% off for Early Adopters! FiiO “Little Conch” Series Dynamic Driver IEMs FD11 Is Officially Released!


1. "Little Conch” series In-Ear Monitors, listen to the beauty of purity

「Pure sound, deep extension」

To break through the bottleneck of entry-level sound quality, explore higher levels, and achieve the acoustic goal of "sound and shape integration", our acoustic R&D team has devoted all its efforts to creating the "Little Conch" bionic series IEMs. In terms of appearance, it adopts high-end technology to present the visual aesthetics of crystal quicksand. According to the concept of bionic design, the internal structure was innovated with a C-shaped acoustic resistance flute to reduce resonant frequency of the cavity, resulting in pure sound quality.


2. Superior materials and sound quality, 10mm carbon-based diaphragm dynamic driver

Our R&D team equipped the FD11 with a 10mm carbon-based dome diaphragm, which directly devolved the high-end acoustic materials on our previous much more expensive IEMs, making the FD11 a user-friendly model with excellent configurations.


After scientific measurement and practical verification, carbon base as an acoustic material, is lighter than aluminum, beryllium and other materials. It is the ideal acoustic material, with tensile strength 9 times that of steel, which has strong axial wrinkle resistance, high modulus and other characteristics. Therefore, the FD11 made of carbon-based materials can respond to high-speed transient performance, reduce vibration, reduce non-linear distortion, and bring excellent highs resolution and extension.


3. Immerse yourself in the robust bass

As the model following the FD1, the FD11 adopts a unique dual-layer design in the rear cavity. In order to scientifically achieve a high-speed low-frequency listening experience, we set up a damping control system separately in the inner and outer cavities to precisely control the damping when air flows, reduce non-linear distortion, change the diaphragm’s compliance performance, and effectively strengthen the bass extension. When listening to large compilation songs, it can capture more changes in the detail of low-frequencies and achieve a refreshing sense of low-frequency speed.


4. A little secret, the “Little Conch” series has other surprises

The FD11 is the first model of the “Little Conch” series. It is designed to complete a big upgrade for the hot-selling FD1 and FH1s. Whether the acoustic materials on the high-level headphones, the production process, tailored acoustic configurations or frequency response curve, are designed to raise the sound quality level in the same segment. In terms of listening experience, the FD11 focuses on vocal performances. Thanks to the carbon-based materials, it can handle vocals, folk songs, ACG and other music styles.


5. Discounts for early adopters

To express our gratitude to customers, we are preparing a promotion activity for early adopters of the FD11 on our AliExpress official store. The quantity and time are limited. First come, first served.


Here are all the details:

(1) Time: May 16, 09:30:00 - May 21, 23:59:59 (GMT+8)

(2) Placehttps://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005005573152943.html

(3) Discounts and promo price:

* The first 50 pairs will be served with a 50% discount (24.99 USD), with time limited from May 16, 09:30:00 to 11:30:00 (GMT+8);

* After 11:30:00 on May 16 (GMT+8), it will be served for 34.99 USD.



The 50% discount is only available for the first 50 pairs from 09:30:00 to 11:30:00 (GMT+8) on May 16, 2023. Once the 50 pairs are sold out or the effective time is up, the 50% discount will be closed.


Thank you so much for your attention. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach us out!


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