11. Does FW3 support noise reduction?

Why does FW3 not do listening noise reduction, but only CVC call noise reduction:

The principle of ANC noise reduction is to eliminate noise through sound waves of the same size and opposite directions. And the curve adjustment needs to adapt to the ANC algorithm.

FW3 is a full-link HiFi TWS headset, mainly to solve the high-definition music needs of users for TWS headsets. We also tested many ANC noise reduction solutions at the beginning of the project, but we still couldn't get around the defects of the principle and algorithm, and finally canceled the noise reduction and presented it to users with as high-fidelity sound as possible.

However, due to the difference in the link between the call and the music transmission, the call signal of the mobile phone itself is poor, and the ambient noise is relatively large. With the CVC call noise reduction function, the call effect will be slightly better. So we added CVC call noise reduction.