3. What is the sound tuning style of the FX15?

The FiiO FX15 employs 4 electrostatic drivers per channel that not only provide exceptional ultra-high frequency extension, but are exceptionally quick and able to reproduce every last detail in your music, giving the listener a taste of true high-end audio.

The FX15 adopts the proven Knowles ED-29689 balanced armature driver to handle the mids and lower treble frequency ranges, due to the driver’s smooth, lush, yet detailed sound. In addition, the R&D team reduced the sensitivity of this BA driver through the shell design and other methods. This ensures that the BA and electrostatic drivers output their respective frequency ranges without interference from each other – resulting in the two drivers working together in harmony with a smooth overall frequency response curve.


Note: Since the sensitivity of FX15 is low and the electrostatic drivers are hard to drive, it is recommended to use the players with higher drive ability to drive the the FX15 if the sound fails to meet your need.