17.Does the desktop mode of KA13 need extra power supply?

The traditional USB dongle is limited in output power in order to be compatible with more mobile phones. Especially for Apple devices, there are limitations for iPhone to power the external USB device. If the output powe of a USB dongle is too high,there may be stuttering or no sound problems when exceeding the power supply capacity of the LT port.

In fact, the output current of most Android mobile phones is high enough. The desktop mode designed for KA13 is intended to give users one more option. When the desktop mode is on, the output power will be higher. When the desktop mode is off, The KA13 could be suitable for some mobile phones with small output current such as iPhones.

Besides, the new iPhones have also changed to TC port, so maybe KA13 can also support such a high output power when connecting to new iPhones. Therefore, the desktop mode of KA13 is for users to balance the conflict between compatibility and output power.