6. How to enter pairing mode in BT mode? How to clear the pairing list of BTR15?

BT mode: Toggle the switch to the middle. The BTR15 will enter the Bluetooth receiving mode, and can be powered through USB.

【How to enter Bluetooth pairing mode?(not on the menu page)】

1.If the device is never paired: After the device powers on, it will automatically enter the pairing mode with the display showing “PAIRING”;After the device restarted, it will reconnect to the last connected device automatically.

2. Force the device to enter pairing mode: After the device is successfully connected, hold the Multifunction button for about 5s until the display shows “PAIRING”.

【How to clear the pairing list of BTR15?】

When it is on, hold both the volume- and volume+ buttons at the same time for about 5s.