9. How to use the BTR15 as a USB DAC for mobile phones in PHONE mode?

PHONE mode: Toggle the mode switch to the bottom. The BTR15 will enter the decoding mode for mobile

phones, and will be disabled from USB charging (The device will be forced to charge if it is powered off for low battery).


【Android phone】

Use the Type-C to Type-C cable included in the package to connect the BTR15 to your mobile phone. Play music to directly enjoy high-quality music.


Note: If there is no sound after connecting, you need to pay attention to the following points:

1. Settings on apps, such as FiiO Music, there is a USB output that needs to be enabled, but some devices will have sound only with the USB output turned off.

2. Please check if the USB debugging is enabled in developer mode

You may need to open "Developer Options" in "Other Advanced Settings", and then enable the "USB Debugging" or "OTG" function

3. Please confirm whether the cable is FiiO's C to C cable, whether the cable is reversed as there is a direction indication.

4. After the above settings are completed, you can try to re-plug the data cable, or play the track, play another track to make sure whether it is a hardware or software issue. If your issue remains, please contact our customer service to confirm whether it needs to be returned.


Please buy an extra Lightning to Type-C OTG cable.

Connect the BTR15 to the iPhone/iPad/iPod via this cable to enjoy high-quality music.


Note: IOS devices won't need too many settings. If there is no sound, it may be the adapter cable or the data port is in poor contact.