15. The instruction of the volume adjustment in BTR15

1. Why is the BTR15's volume adjustment is out of sync with the mobile phone's?

We have deliberately designed the BTR15's volume adjustment to be out of sync with the mobile phone's. This allows more volume levels for more precise volume adjustments, so you will no longer be worried about over large or small volume. The BTR15 supports 60 levels volume adjustment. And it has a memory volume that can automatically memorize the adjusted volume.

2. How to set the volume of the phone when connecting the BTR15 to mobile phone via Bluetooth?

What mobile phones adjust is the volume of the Bluetooth codec. If it is too small, it will affect the dynamics. While the BTR15 controls the volume of decoding and amplification, leading to less loss of sound quality. Therefore, it is suggested to set the volume of the phone to the maximum, and control the volume via the BTR15, which is convenient and can acquire better sound quality.

3. What volume adjustment settings are supported in FiiO Control APP?

You can limit the volume,adjust the Bluetooth volume and volume of call via the FiiO Control app.

The default operation mode is 'hold volume buttons to switch tracks'. You could switch to 'Double click volume buttons to switch tracks' in the FiiO Control app.

4. Is it normal the volume is lower than the mobile phone's when using the BTR15?

In fact, it is meaningless to compare the volume of the BTR15 with the mobile phone. Because the BTR15 is a graded adjustment, if the BTR15 is turned down, the volume on the mobile phone needs to be turned up. The sound resolution of the BTR15 is much better than the general mobile phone.