7. Usage scenarios of R9

  1. Connect to the TV or monitor

R9 supports HDMI output. You can use HDMI cable to connect R9 to TV or monitor. Play MV, concert videos, watch a drama, play a small game, surf the Internet are supported.


  1. Connect to the mobile phone

You can use a TYPE C cable to connect your mobile phone to R9, and use R9 for decoding.


  1. Connect to the external decoder

Use the USB cable to connect the R9 to the external decoder


  1. Connect to the hard disk

Connect an external removable hard disk via USB cable to expand storage capacity.


  1. Connect to the multimedia keypad

Connect the KB1/KB1K and other multimedia keyboards by FiiO for controling the R9.


  1. Connect to the keyboard

Connect to a keyboard via USB cable.Alphabet/number input could be supported.


  1. Powered by linear power supply

The R9 can also be used with external DC power supplies, such as the FiiO PL50 linear power supply or other power supplies to give your sound an even purer, blacker background to truly make the musical details pop.


  1. Used as external coaxial decoder

R9 can be used as an external coaxial decoder.


  1. Connect to external coaxial decoder/amplifier/speaker

The R9 can be connected to an external decoder/amplifier/speaker with coaxial input port via coaxial cable.


  1. NAS

The R9 can access NAS through the network cable. The NAS with ROON CORE function can be used with the R9 more conveniently.


  1. Connect to active speakers with XLR input

The R9 supports XLR balanced output, and you can connect it to the speakers with XLR balanced input port. When the speakers and R9 are placed far away from the location, using XLR connection can avoid external interference.


  1. Connect to Subwoofer

R9 has 2-way analog single-ended audio output. If you want a better low-frequency effect, you can connect one of the dual RCA analog output to the subwoofer.


  1. Connect to active speakers

The other analog output can be connected to an active speaker with analog input.


  1. Connect to players with optical output

The R9 supports optical input and can be connected to a front-end such as a DVD/CD with optical output.