The KA17 is FiiO's best USB portable DAC/amp so far, not only because it sounds maturer and more sophisticated than its predecessors but also because it embodies plenty of features and the innovative desktop mode that transforms it into a desktop-grade device.
The FiiO KA17 has really everything and even more than you are ever going to need from a portable USB DAC/amp. This is an endgame DAC and the only reason to buy something else is only if you seek a different kind of sound shaping or something smaller and more efficient. Everything else is included in the FiiO KA17, at a price that is really hard to beat, thus surpassing all competition when it comes to value for money. Plain and simple, the FiiO KA17 offers the best price to performance ratio in the market right now and I can clearly see it selling like hot cakes.




Author: Ichos;

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