FiiO M23 Review

The FiiO M23 shines as a HiFi player with superb sound. It delivers natural detail, especially in mids, with accurate instruments and vocals. Powerful yet controlled bass avoids muddiness, while crisp treble unveils subtle details without harshness. This translates to a spacious soundstage for complex music.

Packed with powerful features, the M23 offers an AKM DAC combo for high-fidelity processing and dual THX amplifiers for clear, powerful sound. It offers versatile connectivity with USB, Bluetooth, and WiFi, along with a 10.5-hour battery with fast charging. Desktop mode allows home integration, while the FiiO Music Player app and upgradable Android OS provide extensive music management and streaming access. All these abilities make the M23 a perfect choice for those who want a versatile device below the 1000 USD price range.




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