"Drum" Type Dual-Cavity Earbuds




“Drum” type bass cavity | 316L stainless steel polished construction
Bass-enhancing acoustic flute design | 3 types of sponge covers included
Ultra-fine copper-clad aluminum Daikoku voice coil | 14.2mm large driver
Beryllium-plated dome + PU gasket diaphragm | Twist-lock swappable plug
High-purity silver-plated monocrystalline copper cable

Note: The product layout is for reference only, and everything is subject to the actual product.

*Pictures are for reference only. The real product may vary.

Specially-chosen materials,

Beryllium-plated dome + PU gasket diaphragm

Good sound not only comes from the size of the driver, but also from the materials it is made of. After many tests by the FiiO R&D team, a beryllium-plated dome + PU gasket dynamic driver was chosen for the FF3. The beryllium-plated diaphragm is both highly rigid yet lightweight, reducing unwanted vibration and thus unwanted distortion. PU is used for the dynamic driver’s gasket, and its characteristics allow more detailed and textured bass. And not only does the bass come through wonderfully, mid-frequency human voices are lush and the treble also has been greatly improved – with an effective frequency range up to 17kHz [2]. A greater effective frequency range also has the benefit of giving the impression of a larger soundstage.

Capturing all details,

ultra-fine copper-clad aluminum Japanese Daikoku voice coil

Excellent sound comes from carefully considering all design aspects of the product, including the parts that are not so easily seen when using it. The FF3’s dynamic driver features an ultra-fine copper-clad Daikoku voice coil. With only a diameter of 0.033mm, the Daikoku voice coil is lightweight and helps to reduce the overall weight of the dynamic driver, allowing it to move faster and further improve treble resolution.

The FF3 comes standard with 3 types of sponge covers for different kinds of sound – bass-enhancing, balanced, and transparent treble-focused. Pick the ones you want to use for different kinds of music and to your own taste. For better resolution, it is recommended to use the transparent treble-focused sponge covers.

Listening to your hearts content,

3 types of sponge covers included

The FF3 follows in the tradition of other FiiO products being made of carefully chosen material subject to fine craftsmanship. The stainless steel housing undergoes polishing and PVD electroplating to make it not only look attractive, but also comfortable to wear. The cover for the dynamic driver is made of highly-permeable tempered glass. When viewed under light, the glass gives a crystal-clear, transparent look with various distinct layers depending on the angle you look at – giving the FF3 a unique, striking presence. 


Solidly built,

316L stainless steel polished construction

 Inextricably linked,

two colors to choose from

The FF3 is offered in two colors: Elegant Black/Cosmic Silver. They may have different appearances, but still give off the same irresistible vibe. 


Magnificent sound and shape,

“Drum” type bass cavity

Based on the drum musical instrument, an all-new bass cavity design was made especially for the FF3. This cavity was specially designed to full harness and utilize resonances to more effectively bring out the texture of bass notes as well accurately reproduce the timber of music with surprising agility.

FiiO R&D made full use of the internal space of the FF3’s housing to fit a bass-enhancing acoustic tube within. This tube extends the airflow path, increases air damping, and improves sound damping to lower the resonance point of the earphones for amazing sound performance. This allows the FF3 to reproduce frequencies as low as 90Hz under normal open wearing [1], and have an effective frequency range down to 42.5Hz for truly deep earbud bass. 

[1]Normal earbud wearing refers to conditions without use of a sponge cover.
[2]Effective frequency range refers to the range of frequencies in which the frequency response is not more than 10dB below a certain sound pressure range.


*Above test data are results from FiiO Labs.
*Audio test instruments: APx555B+Brüel & Kjær Head and Torso Simulator (HATS) 4128C.

Dive deeper into your music,

Bass-enhancing acoustic flute design

The FF3 cable comprises 152 total wires made of high-purity silver-plated monocrystalline copper. This was specifically chosen as the silver-plating improves treble resolution while reducing unwanted sibilance. The sheath of the cable is made of German TPU – allowing the cable to be not only resistant to yellowing and hardening, but also allows for increased cable flexibility so that it is more comfortable to wear and for less undesirable microphonics.

Fully equipped,

high-purity silver-plated monocrystalline copper cable

The FF3 features an all-aluminum twist-lock swappable plug design, allowing you to change between 3.5/4.4 mm plugs whenever you need to. This allows you to more easily enjoy the FF3’s exemplary sound, setting a true benchmark in its class.

*Interchangeable audio plugs are officially licensed from the patent by FABRILOUS.

A true benchmark,

Twist-lock swappable plugs

add a thoughtful "left blue and right red" convenient identification design to the ear handle of the earphone to start every music journey quickly.

Immediately pinpoint,

With “Left Blue Right Red” design

Thanks to its large 14.2mm dynamic driver, the FF3 can release more energy when playing back music to allow for a more clean and natural sound. Experience the vigorous sound of beating drums, as well as energetic dynamics in your music with the FF3.

Not just big but potent too,

14.2mm large dynamic driver