Exynos 7270 |  DAC ES9018Q2C | Dual-Mode Bluetooth 4.2 |
WiFi streaming | LDAC Hi-Res wireless audio codec support |
HWA Hi-Res Bluetooth audio Support | Supports USB audio out |
USB DAC functionality | AirPlay functionality | FiiO Link functionality |

USB Type C symmetrical connector | 13 hours battery life |

26 days standby time | 3.2 inch 480×800 HD touchscreen |

2GB + mSD card support| OTA firmware updates  |
Clock functionality | Hi-Res Audio Certified |

Embracing A Wireless Future

Portable High-Resolution Lossless Music Player M6

Note:Pictures are for illustration only, actual product may vary

Take control from your phone with FiiO Link

New to the M6 is the FiiO Link functionality. After pairing your smartphone and the M6 via Bluetooth, you can remotely control the M6 as well as display its current playing status.

 FiiO Link

Play and pause             Volume Adjustment
Display LyricsFile          Management

Note:The function is currently available only on FiiO Music App for Android, but will be added to FiiO Music App for iOS via future firmware updates.

Explore a well-organized user interface with the FiiO-customized Android OS on the M6. Pre-installed apps designed to integrate seamlessly with this interface include NetEase Cloud Music, MOOV, Tidal, and KKBOX. And you can install other whitelisted apps, too. Be prepared to rediscover your old music and discover new songs with these apps! 

*Currently, only the following whitelisted apps can be installed: MOOV, Tidal, KKBOX, Spotify, Qobuz, Roon, Deezer, JOOX, ES file manager, Bandcamp, and Headphones.

(Re)discover your songs with third-party apps

The M6 is also equipped with Wi-Fi, allowing it to access music streaming services, play music over DLNA, and even receive OTA firmware updates.

Fully and delightfully listen to music whenever

Full Bluetooth format support for truly lossless playback

The M6 comes with dual-mode Bluetooth 4.2, and supports every high-resolution wireless format to date, including: 24-bit aptX HD (backwards compatible with aptX), LDAC, and HWA Hi-Res Bluetooth Audio. No matter whatever wireless high-resolution audio device you may have, you can be sure the M6 will take advantage of it.

*Bluetooth formats transmitted:LDAC/HWA/aptX/aptX HD/SBC(HWA only while used as a standalone player, other formats while both standalone or when connected to a computer in USB DAC mode)
*Bluetooth formats received: SBC, LDAC(after future firmware update)

Total musical immersion with a single DAC package

The M6 utilizes the same proven high-performance ESS Sabre 9018Q2C chip that combines a capable DAC and a robust amp in one package, the same as the M7. However, with the M6 we have redesigned and further optimized the audio circuit to squeeze out every last drop of potential from the ESS chip, resulting in 50% higher power output than the M7. Who says we need multiple chips for excellent sound quality when we can do it with just one?

The USB audio digital output on the M6 is highly capable – not only does it support output at various sampling rates, it also fully supports DSD with native DSD output up to DSD64/128 and support for the ISO, DFF, and DSF formats. You don't need to stop the music, just connect the M6 as a digital USB jukebox.

The fun never stops with USB audio output

Despite it being hugely versatile, the M6 comes in a tiny size making it extremely easy to handle. Its mini size also makes it effortless to carry around, making it the perfect musical companion whether you are on your commute or just chilling out.

Carry mini-sized fun everyday

What noise?

The M6 holds the distinction of having some of the cleanest outputs of any FiiO player, with a measured signal-to-noise ratio of ≥118dB and a noise floor of <3uV, which ensures you won't hear noise on even the most sensitive earphones. 

Simplicity is at its finest when it understands your needs

he easy-to-hold, compact body of the M6 is simple, yet put together specifically to meet your needs. Four buttons are placed to help you quickly navigate the menus, while the 2.5D glass provides a smooth yet natural transition between the glass and metal body, and even the charging indicator is subtly hidden in the top right corner of the screen to be informative yet unobtrusive. All of the elements of the M6's seemingly simple design come together to harmonize and make using the M6 as comfortable as possible.

With a large battery capacity of 1200mAh, the M6 can playback music for more than 13 hours, and last in deep standby for more than 26 days! When in deep standby mode, the M6 saves much power to enhance battery life but can be woken up instantly, allowing you to listen wherever and whenever you want.

*Deep standby current usage is about 1.9mA. The above figures are based on typical usage conditions. Actual battery life will vary depending on playback volume and usage conditions.

Forget about charging worries with a large battery

When connected to your computer, not only does the M6 work as an asynchronous USB DAC supporting up to 192kHz/24 bit decoding, it can also function as a Bluetooth transmitter of all formats including LDAC, aptX, aptX HD, and SBC. When connected to Mac computers no driver installation is necessary, while a dedicated driver is required for Windows computers.

Give your computer some serious sound capabilities

The M6 is the third product from FiiO based on the Samsung Exynos 7270, and the experience we now have with the platform has allowed us to create a thoroughly modern player. With its cutting-edge components, we have been able to make the M6 as sleek as contemporary smartphones that lends it its stunning appearance in your hand while remaining extremely comfortable. And the M6 is prepared for the future now with its built-in Wi-Fi and full Bluetooth format support.

Ready for the future based on past experience

Live on the edge with a bezel-less design 

With a drop-dead gorgeous look, the M6 is available in colors of gloss black and titanium.With the M6, you will find an anodized, CNC aluminum alloy body paired with 2.5D glass, for a curvier and more attractive look. The 3.2 inch IPS HD touchscreen is a feast for the eyes with its sharpness, bold colors, and bezel-less design.

The M6 has been certified to be “Hi-Res Audio” capable, for truly natural and realistic sound.

Hi-Res Audio certified

Fret not about if the M6 can playback your files, as it supports: ISO, DFF, DSF, APE, WAV, FLAC, AIF, AIFF, M4A, WMA, OGG, AAC, ALAC, and MP3 audio formats as well as CUE files and M3U/M3U8 playlists.

*dst-encoded DSD files are currently not supported.

Decoding it all

The highly versatile USB Type-C connector

The symmetrical USB Type-C connector is not only easy to plug in from any direction, it also gives the M6 its highly versatile nature. Through the Type-C connector, with the M6 you can: charge it, transfer data to and from it while connected to a computer, use it as a USB DAC, and even use it as a USB digital jukebox through USB Audio output to other devices! 

Meeting any needs with up to 2TB micro-SD cards

You no longer have to worry about not carrying your favorite songs with you, with 2GB of built-in storage and support for micro-SD cards up to a whopping 2TB!

CPU:Samsung Exynos 7270 Dual-core 1GHz 14nm
Bluetooth:Version 4.2,supports LDAC,HWA,aptX HD,aptX,SBC
USB:Symmetrical Type C connector, USB2.0
Screen:3.2 480×800 HD touchscreen

Color: Black/Titanium
Accessories:TPU clear protective case, USB data cable, PET screen protector (one already pre-applied)
Charging time:<2.5 h(DC5V/2A charger)
Battery life:>13 h(using earphones)>15 h(over Bluetooth)
Standby time:>26 days
Battery:1200mAh lithium-ion polymer battery
Storage:Built-in storage(2GB)+ micro-SD card(up to 2TB supported)
Pre-loaded music apps:FiiO Music,Tidal, NetEase Cloud Music, MOOV, KKBOX
Whitelisted apps:Spotify, Qobuz, Roon, Deezer, JOOX, ES file manager, Bandcamp, and Sony headphones.
Power Output 1:≥110mW(16Ω / THD+N<1%)
Power Output 2:≥70mW(32Ω /THD+N<1%)
Frequency Response:10 Hz~85 kHz(-3dB)
Signal-to-noise Ratio:≥118dB (A-weighted)
Output impedance:<2Ω(32Ω load)
THD + N:<0.002%
Peak output voltage:4.24Vp-p
Noise Floor:<3uV


with the M6, users with iOS devices can simply beam their music to the M6 via AirPlay to quickly and conveniently play songs in excellent quality.

High fidelity sound for Apple users

When set to be in the Bluetooth receiver mode, the M6 transforms into a high-quality Bluetooth amplifier, with significantly better frequency response, as well as lower distortion, noise floor, and crosstalk compared to typical Bluetooth solutions. On top of that, the M6 can also output any received Bluetooth signals through the coaxial out to an external decoder. With the M6, you can enjoy truly divine sound over the wireless convenience of Bluetooth.

A music player, but also a capable Bluetooth amplifier