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DLP 3D printed | Skin-friendly resin shell imported from Germany 
Quad Knowles Balanced Armature drivers per ear| 4-way crossover system
Unparalleled custom-IEM like comfort

Simply Symphonic Synergy

Quad Driver Balanced Armature In-Ear Monitors-FA7

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Stunning sound from 4 Knowles balanced armatures

In each FA7 ear unit are 4 Knowles BA drivers. Bass is handled with aplomb by the CI-22955, which provides robust yet quick and low-distortion bass due to having a diaphragm much bigger than typical BA driver. Mids are provided by the classic and proven ED-29689, with its full, sweet, and thoroughly unfatiguing sound. Treble is produced by the dual-BA SWFK-31736 driver, specifically customized for the FA7 to bring extremely extended and detailed highs, for a supremely natural and clear sound. 

Unlike traditional manufacturing processes with its inherent constraints, 3D printing allows us to fully realize our goals of creating an IEM that is both pleasant to wear and maximizes sound quality through an acoustic-optimized shell design.

Design unrestricted by the limitations of traditional means

The FA7 is the first mass-produced, 3D printed quad balanced armature in-ear monitor. This is made possible through a collaboration between FiiO and 3D printing specialists HeyGears, using advanced industrial-grade 3D printers using DLP printing technology with printing resolution up to 25um. Each pair of FA7 shells are precisely crafted through 60 minutes of printing, with thousands of DLP projections and careful movements. The result is remarkably consistent sound between pairs of FA7’s, as well as reduced sonic resonances that allow the music to flow through unimpeded.  

Breaking through the confines of tradition with 3D printing

A skin-friendly shell with remarkable resilience

The shell of the FA7 is made with German high-transparency resin, specifically medically designed for ears and with EU IIA medical certification. The skin-friendly resin is both comfortable and antimicrobial while also being extremely durable and resistant to discoloration, ensuring the FA7 continues to exhibit its striking transparent appearance for years to come.

BA driver IEMs vs hybrid IEMs 

BA driver IEMs like the FA7 and hybrid IEMs like the FH5 offer different types of sound, not that one type is better than the other. The FH5 is the warm, inviting gentleman that moves about with grace, while the FA7 is the wilder younger brother. With its highly resolving nature and excellent transient response unique to BA drivers, the FA7 provides an alternative exciting experience that complements the one found in the FH5.

The FA7 is certified by the Japan Audio Society to be capable of bringing you “Hi-Res Audio” with quality far beyond those of CDs. 

Hi-Res Audio certified

The standard FA7 cable is made of high-purity monocrystalline copper-plated silver wire, ensuring that your music is transferred with minimal distortion and without loss for the most transparent sound possible. The cable is also detachable and replaceable with an MMCX design, so that the FA7 is not merely just a paperweight if its cable goes bad. 
*Standard FA7 cable is the LC-3.5B.

The finest high-purity silver wire

Providing you with a tailored, customized experience

With the FA series of in-ear monitors, you will be provided with a variety of shell designs to choose from, to get a unit custom-made for you.


It simply disappears from your ears

After sampling thousands of different ear models around the world, as well as gathering the input of many on the comfort of various designs, we have finally been able to come up with an IEM with comfort that rivals those of custom models. It’s so comfortable that you will forget you are even wearing them.

Along with the optimized shell design made possible with 3D printing, in the FA7 is a painstakingly-tuned four-way crossover that allows the four drivers to work perfectly in harmony for an absolutely explosive sound. With the FA7, you get dynamic bass, crystal-clear vocals, and highly-detailed yet not harsh treble in a tuning that will both satisfy traditional audiophiles and more casual listeners. And with a massively wide, yet impressively deep soundstage uncommon for an in-ear monitor, you will simply want to listen for hours and hours. 

Masterfully-tuned four-way crossover

The texture of the FA7's shell recalls water ripples that naturally come with turbulent waves or from gently flowing streams, giving the IEM a powerful yet elegant look. And the colors take inspiration from nature too – choose from Red of the fiery sun, Blue of the vast seas, Black of the quiet nights, or White of the full moon. 

Inspired by nature

Beautiful and elegant style

The best designs are the results of constant experimentation. After having gone through countless ideas and revision, the FiiO design team came up with the final 3 complex, yet visually-arresting designs. Each design is wonderfully stimulating with its layers upon layers, and is largely possible due to the precision of 3D printers. 

Included with the FA7 are 13 different pairs of ear tips: 3 different sets of small, medium, and large pairs of ear tips, designed for either a balanced, bass-emphasized or vocal-emphasized sound signature. Also included are 3 pairs of foam ear tips all in medium and 1 pair of bi-flange ear tips.  With the FA7, get the sound signature you want by simply switching to the ear tips right for you.

Customize your sound with 13 pairs of ear tips