Model K11 K5PRO ESS
Ports Power supply DC 12V DC 15V
Headphone out 6.35mm+4.4mm 6.35mm
USB input Type-C USB B
Optical/Coaxial input Standard square optical in
Standard RCA coaxial in
Coaxial output

Share the same connector as coaxial input,

can only be used in USB mode

Line output RCA
Display LCD display
Knob Encoder Potentiometer
Configurations Gain

3 gain levels, corresponding

independent volume curve

3 gain levels,  shared volume curves
Indicator light

RGB light indicates sampling rate

/ Dynamic ambient light effect

RGB light indicates sampling rate
Audio DAC CS43198 ES9038Q2M
Amp chip SGM8262 *2 TPA6120A2 *1
USB controller SA9312L XUF208
Output Performance Supported audio formats PCM: 44.1~384K DSD: 64~256 PCM: 44.1~768K DSD: 64~512
Output power (PO) 520mW @32Ω 59mW @300Ω 1500mW @32Ω 170mW @300Ω
Output power (BAL) 1400mW @32Ω 250mW @300Ω
SNR (A) PO: ≥123dB
LO: ≥126dB
PO: ≥118dB
LO: ≥115dB
Noise (BAL) Gain=H, <4.9uV (A-weighted)
Gain=M, <3.5uV (A-weighted)
Gain=L, <3.5uV (A-weighted)
Noise (PO) Gain=H, <2.8uV (A-weighted)
Gain=M, <2.5uV (A-weighted)
Gain=L, <2.5uV (A-weighted)
Gain=H, <8uV (A-weighted)
Gain=M, <6uV (A-weighted)
Gain=L, <4uV (A-weighted)
Minimum THD+N 0.00035% 0.00060%
Others Color Obsidian black/Midnight silver Red/Black/Titanium
Weight and Dimensions 147x133x32.3mm 407g 120x130x55mm 480g