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    1. What is the FiiO KB1?

    The KB1 is a multimedia keypad with a USB interface. As a derivative product of FiiO high quality HiFi lifestyle, it allows:

    A:when connected to computers using USB cables or to mobile phones and players using OTG Type-C cables, it enables the functions of switching song, controlling the volume by knob and one-touch mute.

    B:Download FiiO key driver from our official website and modify the key functions and lighting effects to enrich your personal experience.

    For example, you can remap the keys to copy and paste; when using PS, you can switch among the brush tool, eraser, and adjust the size of brush; when modeling, you can quickly enter multiple or precise commands through the settings; custom scripts, M17 physical control buttons, one-click password entry, and other interesting features await your unlimited creativity.

    1. What is the compatible system of FiiO KB1?

    Apple phones, Android phones, HiFi players, computers and other devices that theoretically support the standard USB protocol can connect to and control the KB1. Due to the large number of versions and models, some special devices are recommended to test and confirm after specific connection.

    1. Does KB1 require a driver

    KB1 supports drive-free use

    1. Default key functions

    left arrow--previous track; middle key--play/pause; right arrow--next track;

    Turn the knob counterclockwise - turn down the volume;

    Turn the knob clockwise - to turn up the volume;

    Push the knob - mute;

    1. Can KB1 be connected to a power supply

    The KB1 can be used by simply connecting it to the device without additional power supply.

    1. What is the function of the two Type-C ports on the KB1?

    The KB1 has a Type-c connector on both the front and the side, this is to make it easier for the users to choose the suitable wiring position themselves and to place the KB1 more pleasantly and reasonably on the desktop.

    1. Can the keys be customised

    Customised settings are supported for the KB1, you can do it on the window devices by downloading the corresponding software.

    Custom Tutorials: click to view

    Set up via this page if using Mac systems :


    Modifying keys to extend functionality

    1. Open the FiiO multimedia keyboard control program.

    The control program is an installation-free version, download and unzip it to your computer to run it locally.

    After running the program, a list of connected keyboards will appear. Click on the small arrow to the right of the corresponding model to enter the keyboard setup screen. If the keyboard is connected via USB after running the program, you can click on "Search for device again" to discover the keyboard device.

    1. Main interface of the FiiO multimedia keyboard control program.

    • 1. Function setting bar, to select the key value setting, light setting etc.

    • 2. Three home buttons, corresponding to the three physical keys on KB1, The default function is previous track, play/pause, next track

    • 3. The knob is also a button, turn right for clockwise, left for counterclockwise. Factory default is volume + clockwise, volume - counterclockwise. Vertically press the button, factory default is press to mute.

    • 4. Key layers, which allows multiple layers of key functions to be set.

    • 5. Keyboard name, the users can self-define the name.

    1. Key values setting

    Key value setting interface

    • 1. Each key of the FiiO multimedia keyboard can be set individually, click on the corresponding key that needs to be set and the key editing interface will automatically pop up.

    • 2. Firstly, enter the mode, select the type of key to be changed. KB1 offers a rich selection of key types, such as normal key value, multimedia, mouse mode, auto-strike, combo continuous strike, one-touch password, and various one-touch multi-character, etc. Users can expand a wealth of interesting usage scenarios according their needs and usage habits.

    1. Multi-layer key setting

    • 1. The FiiO multimedia keyboard KB1 has 6 keys and knobs, but in practice we can set it in multiple layers to maximize the use of the KB1 for more functional operations, so it can be said that One produced two,two produced three,three produced all things

    • 2. To implement a multi-layer key function setting, you can start by defining one of the keys or knobs of KB1 as the layer switching key. Here I give an example, I am setting the press key of the knob as the level switching key.

    • 3. First click on the press button of the knob in the basic layer, select "SW" in the mode and "Layer 1" in the selection button layer.

    • 4. Then in the first layer Fn1, set the corresponding key function, here I set the 3 main keys as screen brightness adjustment and screen cut off key, very practical.

    • 5. Then set the knob's press key to "SW", and select "Layer 2" in the selection layer, then press the knob's middle key in layer 1 to jump to layer 2, Fn2. The Fn2, Fn3 and "SW" in the Fn4 layer can be set to "Layer 0" to go back to the basic layer, so that the function keys can be switched quickly between layers.

    1. Save the settings

    • 1. After settings, you can click the ‘Save’ button in the upper right corner, and the Save button will turn gray to indicate a successful save.

    • 2. The FiiO Multimedia Keyboard KB1 has a wealth of expanded features and can be used with computers and desktop/portable players for a better experience. You may want to get your hands on a FiiO Multimedia Keyboard KB1 to enrich your fun music experience.

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