Company Pitch

Wider Audience

The M-Series selling points paint a bigger picture than traditional wired portable audio, though the benchmark for wired audio is still pretty high. Instead, FiiO is pitching areas that they believe will also appeal to the modern day “digital consumer” who appreciates good audio. Areas such as wireless connectivity including aptX-HD and LDAC codecs as well as good battery life and a simplified and easy to use OS system.

Overlapping Features

The $199 M7, to date, also represents FiiO’s most complex vision because whilst the consumer market is a large exciting target, their core customer has been to date its traditional audiophile market.

Thus, the pitch currently is intricate and overlapping with features that appeal to its older audience such as the use of an ES9018Q2C DAC and native DSD support as well as features that appeal to newer audiences such as aptX HD, LDAC, radio, and over 20 hours battery life.


Author: Marcus ;  From: Headfonics

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