The FiiO FH1 unboxing experience is very appealing. Premium packaging with premium accessories. Inside the box, we got the IEM itself, a very sturdy carry box, which holds the 2 types of cables. One 3.5mm and one 2.5mm cable. Besides these 6 pairs ear tips, and documentation. The earphone itself has no ear tips on by default, which I think actually a good thing, so the customer is somehow forced to take the effort and use the best-fit ear tip from the bundled package. I’m sure, many customers just simply use the default applied one and complain if the sound quality is not what they imagined.

Anyway, back to the topic. Both cables are high quality, gold-plated termination in both ends. The 3.5mm is more like a let’s say “casual” user, who will probably use the FiiO FH1 with a smartphone, or a standard music player. This cable also has an inline control which is for an audiophile a simply no-no. For them, the other cable with the 2.5mm jack is a better option. No in-line control and the cable is, more like a braided one, yet very smooth cover, no stickiness, absolutely top-notch quality. Thumb up for that! The microphone on the 3.5mm version is very sensitive, and god a very good clear voice. Very ideal for voice recording, or simple voice calls as well.


Author: Makai Andras; From:  Makaitechreviews

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