Best DAC 2018--FiiO E10K: A budget small-sized DAC

The tiny E10K is the perfect size to tuck away or pop in a laptop bag. It has limited connectivity options but it'll suffice for most, and despite its diminutive design, it's powerful enough to drive high-end headphones.

Sound quality is predictably a little compromised – the Lindy DAC definitely sounds better – but if you've been living without a dedicated DAC, the E10K is a definite step up. With the bass switch toggled on, there's a good solid mid-bass slam and good sub-bass extension. The highs extend well, too. If you're looking for a sleeker, smaller-sized alternative to the Lindy, this could well be the one.

Key specs – Dimensions: 79 x 49.1 x 21mm; Max bit depth/sampling rate: 24-bit/96kHz; Inputs: micro-USB (input and power), S/PDIF Coaxial; Outputs: 1 x 3.5mm jack, 1 x 3.5mm line out


Author: Christopher; From: Expert Reviews

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