FiiO M9 Review – Best Digital Player for Modern Listening?

The M9 High Resolution Music Player from FiiO is going to appeal to the modern day digital consumer who wants a high level of audio quality, portability and a host of features that you won't find with less expensive players. The M9 is FiiO's flagship DAP.

Some of the features that set it apart include its ability to connect wirelessly or send files wirelessly. So if you want to listen to music via a streaming service like Tidal or Spotify you can do that. If you want to transfer songs wirelessly from your computer to the M9, you can do that as well. You can also connect the M9 to you computer to function as a DAC.

There's so much the M9 can do, so in this review we'll dive into the specifics about the different features and talk about how well everything works.

Ultimately, this is an outstanding DAP and truly earns it's flagship title. But there are a few reasons this may not be ideal DAP for everyone which we'll discuss below as well.

Currently the M9 retails for $300 and was released Fall of 2018.


Author: Lance Gross; From: HiFi Helper

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