4. How to play DSD format when the K3 is connected with the computer?

A: iOS device users are required to buy the musicapplication program which can support DSD format, such as Audirvana Plus.

If it is Windows computer, please check the following instruction:

Here is an example of the Foobar2000(v1.3.8) installed on Windows computer.


a.Connecting the K3 with the computer by the USB cable came with the K3, and select the "FiiO Q series" as the default output device on your computer (Control panel ->Hardware and Sound ->Sound).

b. The latest USB DAC driver(v4.47.0) should already be installed on Windows computer.

Here is the instruction about how to install the USB DAC driver(v4.47.0): click here.


1.Please download foobar2000 install pack: click here, and install it on the Wins computer.

2. There are someapplication plug-ins in foobar2000 install pack, and the certain ones should beinstalled firstly.

① ASIOProxyInstall-0.7.3.exe

② foo_out_asio

③ foo_input_sacd

④ foo_input_dsdiff

3-1. Double click thefile ASIOProxyInstall-0.7.3.exe and then approve this installation. Please click button Next and then click button Install to install ASIO Proxy for Foobar2000.

3-2. Double click the file foo_out_asio to installcomponent ASIO support. 
        Click button yes(Y) to continue, and click button OK onPreference: Components, then click button OK on foobar2000 preference to apply the change.   
        Continue to install foo_input_sacd and foo_input_dsdiff plug-ins by following the same steps.

        After done, those plug-ins will be shown as on the following picture.

01 foobar2000插件.png 

4. At this time, DSD files already can be played on foobar2000. You can continue to install other plug-ins if you want to play the special formats files, such as DTS.

5-1. Select Device: “ASIO:foo_dsd_asio” (Files -> Preference -> Playback-> Output)

02 foobar2000输出设备选择.png 

5-2 Click ASIO from Output (File ->  Preference), then double click “foo_dsd_asio”. Please make some changes on ASIO Proxy 0.7.3 pop-up window according to the following picture.

03 foobar2000原生DSD设置.png 

5-3 Change Output Mode: DSD (Tools->SACD)


6. After finishing the above settings, when DSD playback,foobar shows playback status as below:


And you will find the DSD indicator on Q1MKII will be on now. Then you can start to enjoy the music with DSD format by K3.