The FiiO FH5 Quad Driver Hybrid IEMs is Now Available in Black!


FiiO FH5 is a Quad Driver Hybrid In-Ear Monitors that adopts four drivers per ear with three Knowles balanced armature drivers (ED30262 + dual balanced armature driver TWFK-31082) and a 10mm polymer nanocomposite dynamic driver.


Ever since its release, many professional media and reviewers have showed their affection and recommendation to the FH5 for its solid configuration, eye-catching shell design, robust craftsmanship, enjoyable sounding, etc. What's more, it has also won the 2019 VGP Award, iLounge 2018 Holiday Gift Guide and many awards in China.

To provide one more color option for this beautiful IEMs, we now add the new Black color to the original Titanium color.


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