FiiO Redefines Performance-to-Price With Three New Digital Audio Players

The M3K Digital Audio Player

The Fiio M3K is their current baseline Digital Audio Player with an MSRP of $69.99 USD, but don't laugh it off—it offers a really remarkable level of performance and features and should not be dismissed simply because of its  sub-$70 price point. The M3K is built around an Ingenic 1GHz, single core processor chip, and the DAC chipset employs a single AK4376A; as with the M7, the supplied chipset is capable of performance far beyond what the M3K offers. And it employs a Linux operating system, which is totally surprising at this level—the M3K is not a child's toy. The display screen—while considerably smaller and lower resolution (240 x 320) than the other two DAPs reviewed here—is remarkably good-looking compared to Fiio's previous entry-level players. It's not a touch screen—not possible at this price point—however, operation of the M3K is controlled through physical and touch buttons on the face of the unit. It's surprisingly intuitive, and functionally far beyond the rotary-wheel controllers of prior Fiio DAPs. Portability is outstanding: size-wise, it's literally tiny compared to the other two players.


Author: Tom Gibbs; From: Positive-feedback

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